WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an Addictive Chemical.
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    As former smokers who now vape, we bet that our story isn’t so different from yours. Mystical Vapes was founded by two business partners who found common ground in the joy and release of shaking off an addiction that once seemed unbreakable. During our years of smoking, we had tried seemingly every possible method for ridding ourselves of tobacco from nicotine patches to simply quitting cold turkey. Nothing worked for us. Although we were acutely aware of the damage we were doing to our bodies, the simple fact was that we liked smoking. We enjoyed the flavor of the tobacco and the hand-to-mouth ritual of lighting up. Quitting smoking is difficult enough under the best of circumstances, but it’s practically impossible when quitting isn’t something that you truly want to do.

    Our Vaping Journey

    We found out about e-cigarettes during the formative years of the vaping industry. Right away, we could see the limitless potential of this technology. Switching to e-cigarettes had the potential to eliminate so much of what was wrong with smoking – from the tar to the horrible lingering smells – while keeping the ritual and flavors we loved so much. Vaping, in fact, makes it possible to enjoy flavors that cigarettes couldn’t possibly reproduce. A cigarette can’t taste like a fresh pineapple or a bowl of sweetened cereal. In vaping, though, the flavor possibilities are limitless. The fact that vaping costs so much less than smoking seemed to us like the perfect icing on the cake.

    Over the years, we’ve both changed our preferred e-liquids and vaping devices many times. Vaping devices have never been safer and more capable – and e-liquid flavors have never been more interesting and creative – than they are right now. We absolutely love it. For us, vaping isn’t just a smoking alternative – it’s a serious hobby and passion.

    The Beginning of Mystical Vapes

    For us, the vaping industry isn’t just a field of business. The ability to earn money from something that has bettered your life so dramatically is a privilege, and It’s not one that we take lightly. We launched Mystical Vapes to spread our passion and to help improve the lives of fellow smokers who want something better for themselves and their families.

    We want to thank you sincerely for visiting Mystical Vapes and for taking the time to read this page. If you decide to become our customer, we promise that we will never take your business for granted. It is our goal to make your vaping journey everything it can be and to ensure that you always feel valued.