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    Juul VS Suorin IShare, Which is Better?

    Juul VS Suorin IShare, Which is Better?

    JUUL vs. Suorin iShare

    The JUUL is America’s most popular e-cigarette, and there are plenty of valid reasons for its success – but the JUUL isn’t without its shortcomings. In the years that have passed since its release, other manufacturers have released their own pod vaping systems to challenge the JUUL’s dominance. Among the new pod vaping systems, the Suorin iShare has emerged as one of the most interesting upstarts. In the battle of the JUUL vs. Suorin iShare, which is the best pod vaping device? As with so many other things in vaping, there is no clear winner here; there is only what’s best for you. This comparison will help you make that decision for yourself.

    JUUL vs. iShare Starter Kits: What’s Included

    The JUUL comes in two flavors: a basic kit for $33.99 a full starter kit for $44.99. Both kits include one JUUL battery and one USB charging cradle. The full starter kit include four pre-filled pods. JUUL pods cost $15.99 per four-pack, although a quantity discount is available when you buy from Mystical Vapes.

    At a cheaper price of $39.99, than the Juul Starter Kit, the Suorin iShare starter kit comes out ahead from the JUUL kit. In keeping with the “Share” theme, though, the iShare includes two batteries and two pods rather than just one of each. It’s the perfect excuse to share the enjoyment of vaping with a loved one. In addition, the iShare includes a novel portable dock that charges your batteries on the go. If you don’t want the full starter kit, you can buy a single iShare unit and charging cable for $16.99. Replacement pods for the Suorin iShare cost $11.99 for 3 replacement pods or about $4 each.

    What Is the JUUL E-Cigarette?

    The JUUL e-cigarette is the device that launched the pod vaping trend. It is so popular that, for a while, JUUL Vapor had to limit the distribution of new JUUL starter kits because they couldn’t produce enough refill pods to satisfy the demands of existing JUUL owners. Since the JUUL is the originator of an entire genre of vaping, it’s impossible to discuss any pod vaping device without comparing it to the JUUL.

    The JUUL was one of the first small e-cigarettes that didn’t attempt to look like a tobacco cigarette. Its squared shape – somewhat resembling a thumb drive – continues to attract glances to this day even though so many imitators have appeared. The JUUL uses pre-filled pods that attach to the top of the battery. Puffing on the JUUL activates the device automatically.

    At the time of its release, the JUUL’s primary claim to fame – aside from its unique design – was the fact that it used nicotine salt e-liquid at a very high nicotine concentration of 50 mg per ml. JUUL Vapor patented the e-liquid formulation and produced charts showing that their e-liquid delivered nicotine to the body almost as efficiently as smoking. Today, nicotine salt e-liquids are available in many online and local vape shops. At the time of the JUUL’s release, though, its e-liquid formulation was entirely unique. The nicotine salt e-liquid made the JUUL the obvious choice for any smoker who wanted to switch to vaping.

    What Is the Suorin iShare?

    The Suorin iShare is a pod vaping system with pods that you fill and refill yourself. The starter kit comes with two full iShare e-cigarettes – one for yourself and another for a loved one, perhaps – and a portable charging dock that’s a bit like a cigarette pack. You charge the dock via a USB cable, and the dock charges both e-cigarettes. The iShare e-cigarettes have battery capacities of 130 mAh each, and the dock has an internal 1,400 mAh battery. Given the power capacities of the dock and e-cigarettes, you should have no trouble getting through the entire work day – perhaps multiple days – with this kit.

    Unlike with the JUUL e-cigarette, you won’t buy your e-liquid for the Suorin iShare in the form of pre-filled pods. Instead, you’ll buy bottled e-liquid and fill the empty pods yourself. Although an individual iShare pod costs more than a JUUL pod, you can use an iShare pod several times before you’ll need to replace it. Given that the kit includes two full iShare units – and it allows you to use bottled e-liquid rather than pre-filled pods – the Suorin iShare should cost most people less to own than the JUUL over the long term.

    JUUL vs. Suorin iShare: Technical Specifications

    Battery Life

    JUUL: 200 mAh

    Suorin iShare: 130 mAh x 2, plus 1,400 mAh portable charging dock

    Winner: The Suorin iShare is the clear winner here because it includes two batteries and a portable charging dock for the same price as that of the full JUUL starter kit. You can buy a JUUL portable charging case and an extra JUUL battery to get more usage time, but doing so increases your cost significantly.

    Coil Resistance and Operating Wattage

    JUUL: Approximately 1.6 ohm, 6-12 watts

    Suorin iShare: 2.0 ohm, 9 watts

    Winner: JUUL Vapor has been reluctant to state the exact coil resistance and wattage of its product, so the above figures are the best estimates of the vaping community. Based on those estimates, though, it would appear that the JUUL has slightly superior vapor production.

    E-Liquid Capacity

    JUUL: 0.7 ml

    Suorin iShare: 0.9 ml

    Winner: The Suorin iShare pods store a bit over 28 percent more e-liquid than the JUUL pods. With the iShare, you also have the added bonus of being able to fill your own pods from a bottle.

    E-Liquid Compatibility

    JUUL: Although it is technically possible to refill a JUUL pod by prying it open, most people won’t go to that length. The JUUL is therefore only compatible with a handful of different pre-filled pod flavors. At the time of writing, eight different JUUL flavors are available.

    Suorin iShare: The Suorin iShare works with any bottled e-liquid. Suorin recommends using e-liquid that contains no more than 70 percent vegetable glycerin.

    Winner: The ability to use any e-liquid makes the Suorin iShare the clear winner here. There are hundreds of different e-liquid flavors in the world. Limiting yourself to just eight of them – no matter how good those eight flavors may taste – hardly seems fair. In addition, you can buy a 120 ml bottle of e-liquid for the same price as a four-pack of JUUL pods containing just 2.8 ml of e-liquid.

    Build Quality

    JUUL: The JUUL e-cigarette has a zinc alloy outer case.

    Suorin iShare: The Suorin iShare has a plastic outer case.

    Winner: Although one JUUL unit costs as much as a pair of iShare e-cigarettes plus a portable battery charger, you do get a more durable device that’s a lot more likely to tolerate drops and bumps. The JUUL is the winner in terms of build quality.

    What Is It Like to Use the JUUL?

    The JUUL Excels in Convenience

    The JUUL is a mainstream e-cigarette, and mainstream e-cigarettes have always used pre-filled cartridges and pods. One benefit of that is convenience. Aside from charging the battery and replacing the pod when it runs out of e-liquid, the JUUL requires no maintenance. Many people need that level of convenience when they’re getting over the initial hump of switching from smoking to vaping. Smoking a cigarette is pretty convenient, after all, aside from the need to obey the laws governing where you can use them. Pull one out of a pack, light it up and you’re off. Using the JUUL is just as convenient.

    You Can Find JUUL Pods Everywhere

    Another benefit of the JUUL’s mainstream success is that you can find the batteries and cartridges at almost any store that sells e-cigarettes. JUUL Vapor resolved their supply chain problems long ago. Although you can get your JUUL pods at a better price by buying online, you’ll also have no trouble finding them locally in a pinch if you can’t wait for shipping.

    The JUUL Packs a Serious Nicotine Hit

    JUUL pods come in just one nicotine strength: 50 mg/ml. There is research to support the theory that 50 mg is the perfect e-liquid nicotine strength for smokers who want to switch to vaping. You can buy bottled e-liquids at the 50 mg nicotine strength now, putting other pod vaping systems such as the Suorin iShare on equal footing here – but at the time of the JUUL’s release, no commonly available e-cigarette packed as strong a nicotine punch. Some e-cigarettes topped out at just 18 mg. The higher nicotine strength helped propel the JUUL to success.

    The high nicotine strength of the JUUL might be perfect for smokers – especially those who can’t be satisfied unless they feel a noticeable nicotine rush every time they light up – but it might not be ideal for those who already vape. If you’ve already made the switch from smoking to vaping, the JUUL probably isn’t right for you because you’ve already adjusted to a lower e-liquid nicotine strength than you’d get with the JUUL.

    What Is It Like to Use the Suorin iShare?

    The Suorin iShare Is Always Ready When You Need It

    Battery life is one of the major downsides of the JUUL vaping system. No JUUL starter kit includes a second battery or a portable charging case. If you want to bring your e-cigarette to work, for example, you’ll probably need to buy an extra USB charger for your work computer if you want to avoid dealing with a dead battery during the afternoon. Between the extra battery and the portable charging case, the Suorin iShare starter kit gives you more than eight times the total battery life of the JUUL kit for the same price. Depending on how often you use it, you might be able to go multiple days without charging the iShare from a USB port.

    Freedom Makes Vaping Fun

    One of the things you’ll notice when you browse the selection at an online or local vape shop for the first time is that eight e-liquid flavors simply aren’t very many. Even the smallest vape shop typically carries dozens of different e-liquids, and part of the fun of vaping is sampling them all.

    Trying as many e-liquid flavors as possible isn’t just about experimentation and having fun, though – it’s also about finding the one flavor that truly satisfies you above all others. Just like the flavor is an important part of the experience of smoking your favorite cigarette, finding a favorite e-liquid flavor that you always return to is an important part of completing your transition from smoking to vaping. If one of the eight flavors available for the JUUL doesn’t become that flavor for you, you’ll never be completely happy as a nonsmoker. With the Suorin iShare, that’s not a problem because you’ll have the ability to use almost any e-liquid on the market.

    You’ll Enjoy Choosing Your Own Nicotine Strength

    With the JUUL e-cigarette, 50 mg is the only e-liquid nicotine strength available. That’s great when you’re in your initial transition to vaping, but you might eventually like to dial your nicotine intake back a bit – and if you already vape, 50 mg is likely far more nicotine than you want. With the Suorin iShare, you fill your own pods – and that means you can buy e-liquid with whatever nicotine strength you choose. Some of the nicotine strengths available include 25, 16, 12, 8, 6, 3 and even 0 mg. With the JUUL, the only way that you can control your nicotine intake is by using the device less. The Suorin iShare makes it possible to reduce your nicotine intake much more gradually by reducing the nicotine strength of your e-liquid. If you like, you can even use the iShare as a tool to eliminate your nicotine consumption completely.